About Us

 Be Part of the Solution

Our beautiful planet is under immense pressure - the effects of climate change are increasingly evident.  The choices we make have a real impact.

Single-use plastic and non-essential packaging is a waste of precious resources.

The time to really make a difference is before we buy.

  • Do I really need this?
  • How long will this product last?
  • How was it made?
  • How is it packaged?
  • How will I dispose of it?

Sustainability and responsibility start before we purchase any products.

As a consumer I struggle everyday with the range of choice available. I want to lead a life that is more sustainable and consists of plastic-free, zero-waste, natural, eco friendly products.

Yet, everywhere I look I see more and more disposable, throw-away, mass produced products. I see plastic products, wrapped in more plastic.These products are created to be used once and thrown away.

Surely there is a better way?

That is where Scéal Nua was born. Scéal Nua (Sh-kale Nua) means New Story in Irish.

Our business is just starting and, I'm sure, will be a journey of trial and error. We won't get it right every time.....and that's ok. We don't have all the answers.....and that's also ok. But we do have commitment and a willingness to work together and to listen and learn.

We want to work with our customers, listen to feedback and suggestions - and together we can make a change. No one person can do this on their own. We all must work together.

We have a range of beautiful, eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable products that are designed to last. Our mission is to provide beautiful, practical, long-lasting products - that don't cost the earth.

Please, if you have any feedback or suggestions for products etc contact us info@scealnua.com

Thank you,

Elma x